mercoledì 24 febbraio 2010

Welcome to RochShop & BowShop

Ciao ragazze!Abbiamo deciso di creare un nuovo blog “Shop my closet” per vendere le nostre cose, i nostri vestiti e i nostri accessori che non usiamo più e che magari possono servire a voi!
Spero vi piaccia l’iniziativa, al più presto il primo shop post :) .

8 commenti:

  1. Hi:)
    If this is the want me to link back to my "business" blog...
    I will do so on one condition...
    1. You have to translate your page into English as i can understand:)
    What is your business idea?

    Have a nice day. - Working on a dream...

  2. I'll translate the blog as soon as possible, I promise! thanks, kisses

  3. Princess i promise and i did it!
    I think that the tranlation is not so good but better than nothing, don't you think?
    Tell me the wrong things!
    Sorry for my English.... :)
    Have a nice day...!

  4. Hi Sweety:)
    You are just fine:)
    Thanks for the translation...
    So i will put a link on my blog to your business...that´s what you want?
    Or what were you thinking?

    Have a nice day, SP

  5. Hi!!!the translation work?
    Yes if you want you can!
    How can I return the favor?

  6. Hi:)
    Yes the translation worked very well ...:)
    Oki, i have added a link to your business on my page...

    This is how you can return the favor ...if you are serious ?
    You can write or share whatever you want on SoulPrincess...
    I expect you are from Italy?

    If you want to write something to showcase your hometown/or anything that is of importance to you...
    That would be great:)

    You will get full credit, and a link back:)
    Have a nice day...SP

  7. Yes i'm from Italy, Roma!
    Like Wiht F?
    I can write in your blog? like a collaboration?

  8. Hi:)
    Well me, and F have a special deal!
    I can give you a ONE time deal...

    One post, and you can write/share whatever you want about your lovely city...

    You will not be a writer on my F:)
    But you will be able to share whatever you want...on one post:)

    If i like it...maybe i will ask again some other time...
    Is this oki?

    But you can send your post to me by e - mail....